With pearly white beaches and azure waters, Mozambique offers some of the most marine rich coastline in southern Africa. The primary attraction is diving or snorkling at some of the many reefs along it's shores including the small islands of the Bazaruto Archipelego. Having struggled for many years, this breath taking country is on the rise offering its visitors the opportunity to experience its turquoise beaches and mingle with its open and caring people at the local markets.
Mozambique Beaches
Mozambique Beaches
Mozambique Sunset
Mozambique Sunset


With a population of just over 19 million residents and an official language of Portuguese, these locals will accept you with open arms and show you what their beautiful country has to offer. The dry season brings about pleasant temperatures and runs from May to November, with the wet season running from December to April bringing along hot and humid days with rain.
With its Mediterranean-style architecture, Maputo claims the title of being Mozambique's capital city. Not to be missed is the massive municipal market where local woman vend an array of seafood and spices. Maputo's former name was Louren'o Marques, which was the name of the Portuguese sailor who landed here in 1544.
Mozambique has a wide variety of activities on offer, which will allow you to soak up the sun, get your feet wet and test your bartering skills. Activities include scuba diving, kayaking the warm Indian Ocean, surfing, dhow trips and many more.

Tourist Attractions

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Trips that visit Mozambique

Trip CodeTrip NameDurationLocationTrip Price
JJA1313 DaysJohannesburg to JohannesburgZAR 17800
JVA1414 DaysJohannesburg to Victoria FallsZAR 795
JJ2525 DaysJohannesburg to JohannesburgZAR 1095
JJA2525 DaysJohannesburg to JohannesburgZAR 1095
JNA3535 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 1495
JCA3535 DaysJohannesburg to Cape TownZAR 1155

Interesting Facts

Mozambique is 45% larger than France, and is slightly less than 2 times the size of California.