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Zambia is described as an undulating forest plateau, savannah studded with lakes, and ancient rivers that support great herds of game. When on a safari in Zambia, you will find Livingstone to be the nearest Zambian settlement to the mighty Victoria Falls, where the Zambezi River plunges into the gorge 100 meters below. Previously known as Northern Rhodesia, Zambia is home to the Victoria Falls also known as Mosi - oa – Tunya, meaning The Smoke That Thunders, one of nature’s masterpieces you will witness when on safari in Zambia.

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Zambia is a vast sprawling country of gently undulating forest plateaux, savannah studded with lakes, and ancient rivers that support great herds of game.
The small town of Livingstone straddles the mighty Victoria Falls and is home to numerous adventure activities that ought to get your adrenaline pumping from the word go. For those who fear the bungee jumping or white water rafting on the Zambezi, there is the option to interact with the lions, or go on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi. Livingstone has something on offer for all personality types

Tourist Attractions

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Trips that visit Zambia

Trip CodeTrip NameDurationLocationTrip Price
ZV1515 DaysDar Es Salaam to Victoria FallsZAR 15000
VZ1515 DaysVictoria Falls to Dar Es SalaamZAR 15000
NVA2121 DaysNairobi to Victoria FallsZAR 865
VN2121 DaysVictoria Falls to NairobiZAR 19400
NV2121 DaysNairobi to Victoria FallsZAR 19400
VNA2121 DaysVictoria Falls to NairobiZAR 865
NV2626 DaysNairobi to Victoria FallsZAR 36000
JZ2626 DaysJohannesburg to Dar Es SalaamZAR 21500
ZJ2626 DaysDar Es Salaam to JohannesburgZAR 21500
JN3232 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 25800
NJA3232 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 1155
JNA3232 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 1155
NJ3232 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 25800
JNA3535 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 1495
VNA3535 DaysVictoria Falls to NairobiZAR 1455
VN3535 DaysVictoria Falls to NairobiZAR 32300
NV3535 DaysNairobi to Victoria FallsZAR 32300
NVA3535 DaysNairobi to Victoria FallsZAR 1455
CZ3636 DaysCape Town to Dar Es SalaamZAR 28000
ZC3636 DaysDar Es Salaam to Cape TownZAR 28000
NJ3737 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 41000
CN4242 DaysCape Town to NairobiZAR 32300
NCA4242 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 1395
NC4242 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 32300
CNA4242 DaysCape Town to NairobiZAR 1395
JNA4646 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 1795
JN4646 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 41000
NJA4646 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 1795
NJ4646 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 41000
NC4747 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 51800
CN5656 DaysCape Town to NairobiZAR 46700
NCA5656 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 2095
NC5656 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 46700
CNA5656 DaysCape Town to NairobiZAR 2095

Interesting Facts

The Victoria Falls became a world heritage site in the year of 1986

Climate Conditions

Zambia is warm all year round, but has three distinct seasons. Between December and April the weather is hot and wet; from May to August it is cooler and dry; between September and November conditions are hot and dry. Average summer temperatures range between 25°C to 35°C, while in winter they can fall as low as 6°C at night, although daytime temperatures average 24°C.
On all our tours, it's best to bring warm clothing - raincoat, warm hat, socks etc. - as across Africa wet/dry and hot/cool climatic periods change invariably.