South Africa is one of the most beautiful and varied countries in the world, with a range of landscapes, magnificent natural beauty, a multitude of game reserves and national parks, over 4,000 kilometers of coastline and vibrant cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. When looking at the world as one creation, each country displays some form of diversity, and then there is South Africa.
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With the crocodiles in the Limpopo River to the penguins waddling on the Cape, South Africa could easily be the definition of diversity. Situated at the southern point of the world's's most majestic continent where the two oceans meet, South Africa is waiting to expose her beauty. There is the forsaken Kalahari, the ever-green Garden Route and the hustle and bustle of wildlife in the Kruger National Park.
For those in search of a different kind of wildlife, they need not look any further then Cape Town's very own Long Street. Explore the epic nightlife of Cape Town in style after enjoying a mouth watering Cape Malay dish. Looking for something to tantalize those taste buds? - Look no further then Durban's Indian area for the best tasting curry. Your trip to South Africa will not be complete until you have had a braai (BBQ), not forgetting a bottle of pinotage produced by the oldest wine industry outside of Europe.
Once you plant your initial footstep on South African soil, you will come across various different terminologies. When you have your first conversation with a South African and they say they'll do something 'just now', it may perhaps mean anything from a couple of minutes, days or even up to a week. Then there is the expression 'now-now", which commonly means a bit more rapidly. We also call our traffic lights; 'Robots'. We are a sociable bunch of people and think nothing of inviting you over for a 'Braai' (BBQ), the day after meeting you.

Tourist Attractions

Wild Coast / Transkei

Wild Coast / Transkei

Take a walk on the wild side as you head for the wild coast of South Africa. The landscape of the Transkei is filled with lonely beaches, lush green hills, cattle and traditional mud huts. This authentic area can offer you much more than ever expected.
Hermanus - Garden Route

Hermanus - Garden Route

Once you are finished having a whale of a time in Hermanus, you can then move along to South Africa's own little paradise - The Garden Route. If walking around one of the many craft markets in Knysna trying to find the perfect African souvenir does not interest you, then why not head to the Knysna harbour and jump aboard a boat to view the Knysna heads.
Durban - Drakensberg

Durban - Drakensberg

When you are overwhelmed with humidity and the smell of freshly chopped spices you know you are in Durban. This city is almost as laid back and calm as its resident jazz musicians. Here you can spend you day on the beach, entertainment parks, shop till you drop and in the evening head out for the most authentic Indian meal of all times. Just a little way from Durban one can find the highest mountain range in Southern Africa - The Drakensberg. This mountain range can be described as dramatic, rolling, rocky, pristine and exceptional, and one has to see it to believe it.
Cape Area

Cape Area

Starting in the mother city, Cape Town has much to offer, such as the flat topped Table Mountain, which is awesme for hiking and providing you with an aerial view of Cape Town. Then there is the pulse of the city - Long Street, which will provide you with all the food and entertainment needed on holiday. If that does not fulfil your holiday needs, the Cape area can provide you with a full day of education, sightseeing, breathe taking views and wine when partaking in a winelands tour. A saying that will forever stick by us Capetonians - You don't need a holiday, You need Cape Town.
National Parks

National Parks

South Africa has many National parks, each offering something different. Kruger National Park is most well know for sightings of The Big Five, where as Augrabies National Park is best known for its majestic waterfall formed by the Orange River.
South Africa has the following National Parks:
  • Addo Elephant National Park
  • Agulhas National Park
  • Augrabies
  • Bontebok
  • Camdeboo National Park
  • Golden Gate National Park
  • Karoo National Park
  • Kgalagadi National Park
  • Kruger National Park
  • Mapungubwe National Park
  • Marakele National Park
  • Mokala National Park
  • Mountain Zebra National Park
  • Namaqua National Park
  • Table Mountain National Park
  • Tankwa Karoo National Park
  • Tsitsikamma National Park
  • West Coast National Park

Trips that visit South Africa

Trip CodeTrip NameDurationLocationTrip Price
VJA1111 DaysVictoria Falls to JohannesburgZAR 10395
JV1111 DaysJohannesburg to Victoria FallsZAR 10395
JVA1111 DaysJohannesburg to Victoria FallsZAR 10395
VJ1111 DaysVictoria Falls to JohannesburgZAR 10395
CW1313 DaysCape Town to WindhoekZAR 10395
WC1313 DaysWindhoek to Cape TownZAR 10395
CVA2121 DaysCape Town to Victoria FallsZAR 14595
CV2121 DaysCape Town to Victoria FallsZAR 14595
VCA2121 DaysVictoria Falls to Cape TownZAR 14595
VC2121 DaysVictoria Falls to Cape TownZAR 14595
JZ2626 DaysJohannesburg to Dar Es SalaamZAR 20895
ZJ2626 DaysDar Es Salaam to JohannesburgZAR 20895
JN3232 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 25095
NJ3232 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 25095
CZ3636 DaysCape Town to Dar Es SalaamZAR 27195
ZC3636 DaysDar Es Salaam to Cape TownZAR 27195
NJ3737 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 39795
CN4242 DaysCape Town to NairobiZAR 31395
NC4242 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 31395
JN4646 DaysJohannesburg to NairobiZAR 39795
NJ4646 DaysNairobi to JohannesburgZAR 39795
NC4747 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 50295
CN5656 DaysCape Town to NairobiZAR 45255
NC5656 DaysNairobi to Cape TownZAR 45255

Interesting Facts

Approximately 900 bird species are found in South Africa alone, which represents 10% of the world's total bird species.

Climate Conditions

Climate conditions generally range from Mediterranean in the south western corner of the country to temperate in the interior plateau, and subtropical in the northeast. A small area in the northwest has a desert climate.
Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights. Rainfall generally occurs during summer (November - March), although in the southwest, around Cape Town, rainfall occurs in winter (from June - August). On all our tours, it is best to bring warm clothing - raincoat, warm hat, socks etc.